Downtown Music Studios is a world class recording studio facility located in New York’s Soho neighborhood. Owned and operated by Downtown Music, since its inception the facility has hosted many of the music business’s top artists. The studio brings together modern and vintage gear, state of the art design and uncompromising client service for an unequaled recording experience. Studio A, considered one of the city’s greatest tracking rooms, features a flawless vintage Neve 8014 console. Studio B, a writing/mix space equipped with the latest Digidesign/ProTools rig is considered to be one of the most comfortable and creative spaces in New York. The studios were designed by Martin Pilchner of the renowned Pilchner-Schoustal audio design firm.

Studio A, featuring a museum quality vintage Neve 8014 recording console has been tooled from the ground up to focus on recording at a world-class level.

Vintage and modern outboard gear have been carefully chosen to perfectly compliment the Neve console, all the while advancing our tradition of providing best in class Pro-Tools systems. Every detail was labored over to create the finest acoustic and ergonomic design possible. This has made Downtown Studio A home to some of the finest artists, producers and writers working today.

Studio B has inspired the creative process for some of the music business’s greatest artists, writers and producers. Fashioned in a Balinese motif with hand-carved woodwork imported from Thailand, organic shapes and ambient lighting make this room truly unique. The acoustic installation is bolstered by A list equipment from GML, Neve, Chandler LTD and others. Ease of workflow, ambient vibe and compliment of equipment have made Studio B one of the most in demand writing rooms since its opening.

Both studios are inter-connected with an acoustically flexible live room and two isolation booths. The North & South walls of the main live room are adorned with 14 variable acoustic panels which transform the rooms acoustical mass from large to small. This acoustical agility is accomplished by the panel’s dual surfaces, faced with diffusion or reversed for absorption. Large windows and an open lay out allow for visual communication between the studios, booths and live room. Ideally suited for a quintet the recordings spaces are equipped with a 12-Channel Mytek Private Q system and fully integrated with a custom wiring design by Michael Donahower.